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Welcome to American Bangladesh University.

Our faculty members and research staff are selected and hired in collaboration with American-European universities and research institutes to provide industry oriented training. There is scope of scientific and business research with international American-European-Bangladeshi research units. The medium of education is multilingual (English and Bengali) . We offer transverse courses in social and human sciences and the studies are assessed through a system of transferrable credits.
Innovative methods are applied in teaching and promoting students. An internal and external evaluation system, namely Quality Assurance Program (QAP) is designed for quality assurance.

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America Bangladesh University is committed to transferring the knowledge of past generations to succeeding generations for their mental, moral, and cultural growth. Its dedication to human achievement-academic, personal, and vocational-predicates awakening and strengthening the intellect, character, and practical abilities of all students. America Bangladesh University resolves to from independent thinkers and doers who can provide service to their community and their nation in a constantly changing world.

The purpose of university education is to contribute to the intellectual development of the individual, to promote personal enrichment and growth opportunities, and offer preparation for careers. America Bangladesh University, as a privately supported university, seeks to provide an excellent teaching/ learning environment in meeting the educational needs of the citizens. As an institution dedicated to the intellectual development of the individual, America Bangladesh University will: a) provide an environment conducive to learning and teaching. b) ensure that academic freedom is both encouraged and protected. c) maintain high standards of teaching and scholarship. d) establish high academic standards consistent with the role of a comprehensive public university and college. e) set and enforce appropriate and consistent standards of admission.

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